Roadtrip Camper Van “Yacht Inspired”

The Roadtrip Class B camper van by Travois is a newly designed  camper van built on the
Mercedes Sprinter Chassis.

The Roadtrip camper van features a luxurious interior inspired by high-end yachts and is specifically designed for the North American Market

This camper van is versatile and easy to drive. It can take you from adventures in the
Mountains on unpaved roads, as well to the streets of the city with ease.

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Camper van RoadTrip with a yacht interior
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Campervan Revolution

The Roadtrip has been designed with versatility in mind. This class B camper van can take you from the wide open spaces of the wilderness to the small compact streets of the city. The short turning radius makes city driving a breeze.


The Roadtrip camper van can be used year round. The Roadtrip is fully insulted to -20 degrees celsius with X-treme insulation.  X-treme insulation is a closed cell polyethylene foam which does not absorb moisture and provides ideal climate control.   The Roadtrip camper van features diesel heating by Webasto.

The Roadtrip will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and ensures that you will be comfortable in your own oasis, no matter what mother nature has in store.

yacht design in a camper
Camper van interior

The Ultimate Class B Driving Experience

Combined with the robust luxury yacht interior and with Mercedes Benz engineering, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4  Roadtrip camper van by Travois provides a quiet and comfortable ride.   Hills and mountains are a piece of cake with the torque offered in the 4×4 Roadtrip. 


The RoadTrip 4×4 camper van can also handle a trip off the paved roads with ease, because of the great ground clearance you won’t get stuck easily and the optional advanced four-wheel drive of the Mercedes Sprinter takes you further than ever before. 

The comfortable sitting area converts into a comfortable sleeping area and offers a lengthwise sleeping configuration.  The bathroom is compact, but practical and features a shower, toilet and sink. The designer kitchen with composite worktop, integrated sink, 3-burner gas cooker and 80 litre Dometic fridge/freezer will provide you with base to create culinary delights.

Roadtrip 4x4 Camper van

Why is the Roadtrip camper van unique?

In 2016, after years of building custom camper vans, it was time to combine the knowledge and experience gained from the custom builds done over the years and design the ideal Mercedes Sprinter Class B camper van.

In 2017 construction of the first prototype of the Roadtrip camper van began. Since then, the Road trip has evolved and is now ready to conquer the Camping world.

In 2019 a relationship was formed between Innova and Travois to bring this unique Roadtrip camper van to North America.

In 2020  Roadtrip by Travois  makes its North American debute.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2020 the perfect base for any RoadTrip camper van!

The 2020 Innova Roadtrip camper van by Travois is based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 Chassis. As Travois is recognized as an official Mercedes Benz Upfitter, all the chassis are ordered with specificly options specially designed to make your driving and camping experiences a pleasure.

Craftsmanship at its best

The Innova Roadtrip by Travois, offers a unique luxury interior borrowed from the yachting industry. From your first step inside the Roadtrip camper van you will notice a handmade hard-wearing wooden floor. 

The designer kitchen offers a composite worktop with integrated sink and 3-burner gas cooker. As well as an 80 litre Dometic fridge/freezer.   The bathroom offers a shower, toilet and sink.


In the rear you will find a comfortable sitting area which converts to a large comfortable bed, which has been designed to provide you with a restful sleep by optimizing the sleeping area to sleep lengthwise.    Below the sleeping area is a large garage area for all your camping essentials.

The Roadtrip’s combination of craftsmanship and modern technology honours Innova’s and Travois credo.

“Adventure is calling”

Roadtrip camper van yacht interior

Shipbuilding in a camper van can be called revolutionary, and all ideas are worked out to the smallest detail.

We are therefore proud that our customers and many RV dealers proclaim the Roadtrip to be the most beautiful Class B camper van in the world.

How the Roadtrip camer van is made >

The RoadTrip is build like a luxury Yacht

Robust, vigorous and sturdy are in the DNA of the RoadTrip. It is one of the most  quietest and safe camper vans in the world to drive to your off-road destination.

This sturdy, delightfully designed and easy to drive Roadtrip campervan is the new Class B revolution.

Decades of designing camper van spaces that welcome you in and keep you inspired long down the road have taught us a few things about how engineering and design can create your ultimate camper van.

Full control at your fingertips

The Roadtrip camper van by Travois has all the onboard systems you would expect from a modern camper van. Checking the battery levels or regulating the temperature is effortless.

The evoline sockets are conveniently out of sight when not in use. The dimmer makes it easy to adjust the interior lighting.

Carefree electricity.

The Victron system ensures you don’t need to worry about your power supply during your adventures.  Charging the on-board battery is done automatically when the engine of the RoadTrip is switched on.  All vans come equipped with a shore power connection.  Optional solar power paired with optional multiplus inverter will allow you to take your adventures Off Grid.

Spacyous locker

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