Class B Camper van with a Yacht interior

The unique layout of the RoadTrip camper van has its origins in years of experience in yacht building, where every inch should always be used optimally. The RoadTrip, therefore, makes multifunctional use of valuable space.

Take, for example, the well-dormant longitudinal beds with an additional round seat at the foot end, the ergonomic yacht design kitchen with lots of usable storage space, the beautifully integrated washbasin in the stylish bathroom with toilet or the spacious camper van garage to carry all your holiday luggage.

The ideal camper van may not exist, but the RoadTrip 2020 camper van models come very close.

What makes the RoadTrip camper van unique?

For the RoadTrip, materials from the luxury yacht building industry are used, such as oukoumé curved wood, lightweight ecoplex with FSC quality mark, scratch-resistant HPL, composite, artificial leather and high-quality X-trem insulation to name but a few.

By working with these original building materials, the RoadTrip not only has a unique sturdy yacht design in the camper van, but also drives better, greener, and quieter

Only the best is good enough

The oukoumé curved wood is not only stronger and more durable but also gives the RoadTrip camper van its basis for the unique yacht design. The rounded ergonomic shapes of this camper van interior provide better sightlines and are much less impact-sensitive than angled interiors. 

The lightweight ecoplex is a durable green wood species and is not only strong but also saves much weight so you can take more luggage with you on those beautiful long camping trips.

Years of experience in yacht building

25 years of experience in yacht building combined with 12 years of experience in motorhome building results in a unique combination of a luxurious yacht interior in an innovative, comfortable camper van. The RoadTrip is built entirely by hand at Innova, in order to give each individual camper van the best care and quality. 

Each piece of furniture is individually designed to fit seamlessly into the interior of the RoadTrip. The beautifully designed upper cabinets provide the necessary storage space, while the soft-close drawers underneath the camper van’s long bed allow all the bedding to be stowed away effortlessly. All cabinets and drawers are fitted with high-quality hardware, this combined with the precise fit into the interior makes the RoadTrip quieter than other camper vans. 

Camper van with composite components

The RoadTrip has a unique composite finish in the kitchen and bathroom. In a traditional way, a seamless composite top is made, resulting in a robust and solid appearance.

Even the front- and rear tables are finished in composite, reflecting the synergy in the interior on all levels. On request we can also deliver the tops in a matt finish.

Yacht deck in a camper van

The custom-made teak-look ship’s floor gives the RoadTrip its unique look. The floor is made of lightweight PVC elements and provided with an ornate hardwood finish, originating from the yacht building industry. 

Cladding from the yacht building industry

The final finish of the RoadTrip is based on the techniques used in yacht building. The walls, ceilings, mouldings and panels are finished in artificial leather of your choice. This gives the RoadTrip camper van a personalized character. 

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