4x4 Camper van RoadTrip

Offroad, 4×4, 4wd, Expedition Camper Van.  What do all these words have in common?  They all scream adventure!  These adventures start with the RoadTrip Camper Van by Travois.

Let your holiday start with the question “where are we going this time?”.   Let your Roadtrip Camper Van take you to all the places standard Class B Campervans can’t go to.

Why the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 as a base for the Roadtrip Campervan by Travois?

The Roadtrip 4×4 camper van offers a large ground clearance, which of course, is a must in rough terrain. To compensate for the high entry-level, heavy duty side steps will help you get in easily. 

In addition to the high ground clearance the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 offers maximum traction due to electronically controlled differential and the low gearing will help you with your mountain ascents and descents.

RV with four wheel drive

The possibilities become much greater with the luxury of four-wheel drive. Combine this with a set of good tires, a optional winch at the front of the van, and optional solar panels on the roof and nothing will stop your expedition holiday anymore. 

Offroad adventures begin here:

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is at the heart of this offroad travel companion. Here too, the choice for a Mercedes base is well-considered. The low gearing helps you with steep slopes and finding traction…

The renewed electronically controlled four-wheel drive of the new 4×4 Mercedes-Benz sprinter, which brakes independently of the wheels when necessary, provides improved grip, and more stable driving.  

Maximum ground clearance

A big advantage of the Roadtrip 4×4 camper van is the large ground clearance, which of course, is a must in rough terrain. To compensate for the high entry-level, offroad side step will help you get in safely

Reasons for the 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter

In addition to the high ground clearance, maximum grip due to the electronically controlled differential, and the sturdy appearance, the Sprinter has another big advantage over its competitors. Mercedes is one of the few brands to have chosen the 7-speed full automatic transmission in combination with four-wheel drive that combines comfort with extraordinary functionality.

Have we peaked your interest?

Feel free to inquire about the 4×4 Sprinter camper van by Travois at one of the Roadtrip dealers.  An overview of all dealers can be found here 

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