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Buying a new camper van, can be a hassle. First of all, you need to determine which type of camper suits your needs. A motorhome or do you opt for the compact and comfortable camper van?

Buying a luxury camper van allows you to always have the holiday feeling at your fingertips. There is no need to plan in advance, with the camper van that fits on the driveway at home you will be on your way to your ultimate holiday destination in no time.

Storing your camper van for the winter is a thing of the past. Because of its compact dimensions, the RoadTrip is also suitable as a daily means of transport. In this way, even driving to work is transformed into a holiday feeling.

Scroll down to discover how the RoadTrip 595L distinguishes itself from all other camper vans.

RoadTrip 595L

The Roadtrip camper van concept is designed, built, and further developed in 2017 with one goal in mind: To create a compact, luxurious, robust, and above all multifunctional camper van for today’s camper owner.

With its Mercedes Sprinter automatic transmission and compact dimensions, the RoadTrip camper van drives better than large motorhomes and maneuvers easily through cities with narrow streets, where other motorhomes prefer not to go. Moreover, you just put it in front of the door when you’re not using it, because it fits in almost every Small parking space.

Luxury class B camper van with a yacht interior

All camper van elements, such as the artificial leather panels, the composite worktop with matching tables, the beautiful waterproof bathroom, the handmade ship floor, and the beautifully finished cabinets make the RoadTrip one of the quietest, most beautiful and rugged camper vans of this moment. 

The RoadTrip 595L has three different colour schemes. The Black & White edition is our latest creation and is already praised for its modern colour combinations. Check it out in the photo slider below.

Black & White
Black & White
Black & White
Black& White
Black & White
Black & White

The Wood & Mood and the Bright & Night.

The names of the interior choices are screaming for adventurous roadtrips. The Wood & Mood is a more traditional ship’s interior because of the warm wood colors you often see in yacht building.  

The Bright & Night goes a bit more into atmospheric dark tones and has a chic look. Here, the handmade composite finishes are also beautifully incorporated into the camper van interior. Share this webpage with your camper friends 🙂

Bright&Night - Wood&Mood
Interieur keuzes
Bright&Night - Wood&Mood
Wood&Mood - Bright&Night
Bright&night - Wood&Mood
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Camper van with longitude beds to dream away in

Sleeping in a motorhome or camper van can be a difficult and especially tiring experience.  The froli comfort bed system with tailor-made cold foam mattresses ensures a wonderful night’s sleep. Finally, you can sleep lengthwise in a Mercedes Sprinter of less than six meters.

The Roadtrip goes one step further because you can go in all directions with the Zwaardvis table leg. It tilts and turns in all positions. In one turn, you lower the table to get a large two-person bed.

1: Table with seating

2, Camper van table in sleep modus

3, Back cushions are inserted

The ultimate camper van bed!

Mercedes Sprinter, the right base for the RoadTrip 595L.

The appearance of the new Sprinter follows the modern Mercedes-Benz design concept of “emotion and intelligence”. Innova has therefore chosen the Mercedes Sprinter as the basis for the RoadTrip camper van models. 

The right camper van safety systems

The Roadtrip is developed in terms of safety. The offerings include the standard crosswind assistant, the optional active brake assistant, and the track assistant. Never before has your camper van been so safe.

Side wind-assistance
Lane assistance
Distance assistance

Camper vans need to be driven

The four-cylinder diesel engine in three power classes and the V6 diesel engine excel in power and efficiency. The proven engines have been further optimized in terms of fuel consumption, for example, by reducing friction in the engine. All engines are available with either a manual or an automatic transmission.

Roadtrip 595L
Complies with the :
Euro 6 emission standard

The first nine-stage automatic transmission a camper van.

The Mersedes-Benz Sprinter is equipped as standard with a manual gearbox New for the Mercedes Sprinter is the innovative nine-stage automatic transmission. 

RV automatic transmission
Handgeschakelde 6 versnelling
Click here

Another innovation is that the RoadTrip camper van automatic transmission can be operated using a selector lever on the steering wheel. Also, with the F1 style paddles you can manually select the gears.

Rear view camera

Wifi on board in the camper van

The Roadtrip 595L
Has the latest

The new MBUX multimedia system with touchscreen, which is characterized by intuitive touch control, high-resolution display, and a wide range of communication and infotainment functions, is well ahead of its time. The RoadTrip camper van navigates you easily and above all safely to the next campsite.

rotating motorhome seats

with adjustable
Lumbar mounts

The RoadTrip camper van has comfort seats equipped with electric adjustable lumbar supports. The front seats are available in three attractive covers: fabric Caluma, fabric Maturin and leather look Artico.

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